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Pikolo Systems and Mediaproxy Partner to Deliver Advanced Incident Management


Mediaproxy, the leading provider of software-based IP broadcast solutions, has announced a new partnership with Pikolo Systems, the advanced workflow automation solutions provider based in Addison, Texas. Pikolo’s ITracker, an industry leading discrepancy reporting workflow, allows broadcasters to easily manage their complex operations. The collaboration enhances the monitoring confidence levels of enterprise scale content management.

Mediaproxy develops compliance recording systems for broadcasters worldwide. Its premier technology, LogServer, provides real-time compliance monitoring, reporting, and incident management of multiple channels by uniting access to all broadcast sources via IP. Once logged and stored in a proxy format, content can be retrieved for reconciliation using the intuitive HTML5-based Mediaproxy LogPlayer.

The integration of LogServer, with Pikolo Systems’ flagship ITracker, will provide broadcasters with the enhanced ability to maintain accountability and perform real-time assessment of their operations. The integration connects Incident Tracker events and alerts directly into LogServer. Users of Incident Tracker will now have direct access to recorded archives on LogServer systems.

“Our software solutions are designed to help broadcast operations work more efficiently in a homogenous and collaborative environment,” said Vernon Omegah, President at Pikolo Systems. “Incident Tracker provides broadcasters the means to communicate and engage effectively despite the complexity of their operations. From local television to network and internet operations, to satelit and origination operations, our solutions together with Mediaproxy help broadcasters acquire, manage, distribute and analyze their assets. As software-defined workflows continue to replace older, limited technologies, we seek out technology partnerships with market leaders like Mediaproxy to empower our clients with highly functional, seamless solutions.”

Erik Otto, CEO of Mediaproxy, added “Integrating LogServer with Pikolo Systems delivers unprecedented versatility to maintain the highest level of transmission service and user experience. The ability for our customers to easily monitor and rapidly respond to any outgoing and off-air sources is vital to maintaining the highest levels of consumer experience and compliance with regulations on the multiplicity of distribution platforms and territories. Partnering with Pikolo Systems and their mission critical management tool allows us together to stay one step ahead of the evolving needs of OTT and broadcast operators and their subscribers worldwide.”


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