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VEGALUX 300 StudioLED FRESNELS On-Tampilan ing #NABShowNY


FLUOTEC, the multi Menehi menang and leading manufacturer of LED professional lighting fixtures for television studios, motion picture, video lan photography will be showcasing in the Jawa Center of NEW YORK in the NAB NEW YORK EXPO October 17-18 Booth N945 the following Cinema and Broadcast Television Lighting Fixtures.

THE VEGALUX 300 StudioLED FRESNELS Tunable and Dedicated Color Temperatures DAYLIGHT & TUNGSTEN

These new LED Fresnels include the improved technology of FLUOTEC PURE WHITE LIGHT

These specialized white for use in Digital Cinema and Broadcast TV Studios have been specially designed for producers, photographers, and filmmakers that want powerful and efficient LED lights with excellent color rendition and high TLCI & CRI

Kabeh FLUOTEC professional DMX fixtures feature our unique HALODIM ™ Stepless 0-100% dimming software with no color change

Also introducing FLUOTEC´s NEBULA (TM) Diffusion Chamber Technology that emits a homogeneous soft, powerful light, perfect for portraits, interviews in location work and as a Television Studio base-light.

  • Winner Cine Gear Expo 2017 Technical Awards
  • Best of Show NAB Show 2017
  • TECHNICAL AWARD Nominee Society of Camera Operators


FLUOTEC once again advances the Broadcast Television and Cinema LED Lighting Technology with their new motorized ULTRA HIGH-PERFORMANCE Zoom LED FRESNELS.

The VEGALUX 200™ UHP features a new LED technology that emits 80% more output of pure white light in the HP High-Performance Version and an impressive 120% ¡¡¡ more light in the ULTRA HIGH-PERFORMANCE Versions.

These sustainable, ecological and 2K equivalent powerful LED FRESNELS only draw 197 Watts, this represents thousands of dollars of energy savings

  • Winners of NewBay Best of Show Award, Presented by Digital Video

FLUOTEC will also be showcasing the new CINELIGHT™ Studio a Long Throw DMX Bicolor LED PANEL, a powerful constant output tunable pure white light in versions of 4f t(120cm), 2ft (60cm) nd 1ft (30Cm) long, and the new improved AURALUX 100 Tungsten 5” DMX STUDIOLED MANUAL ZOOM DMX Fresnel

FLUOTEC We Light ..You Create


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